Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pecan Pie

My mother's goal in retirement was to learn to make an absolutely perfect, flaky, delicious pie pastry.

My life's goal has been to never eat pie crust if I can possibly avoid it. So far, I've done quite well, thank you, though there are those irritating bits that scrape off on the fork when I'm scooping out the filling. Someday I'm going to try baking this pie without the crust. If it works, problem solved, right?

Our son was six or seven when we moved to South Carolina the third time. Our first morning there, we went to a pancake place and he ordered a "puh-CAHN" waffle. "That's one PEE-can waffle?" the waitress repeated. No, he replied. Puh-CAHN.

(I've erased from memory the remarks he made when she brought grits to go with the waffle. Mercifully.)

That year we didn't get to come home to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, so I asked for requests. His dad always wanted mincemeat pie. (I don't care if it is sold in a grocery store, mincement is NOT edible.) The kiddo asked for a pecan pie and sat at the counter sneaking nuts while I made it. He was totally uninterested while I mixed the eggs, Karo, sugar and butter, but when I started to pour it into the pie crust, he got distraught.

"What are you doing? That stuff is gross. It doesn't go in a pecan pie!"

"Then what DOES go in?" I asked.

He shrugged, rolled his eyes as if I were the dumbest baker in the world and said, "Pecans. And crust. That's all."

This from a child who ate Cool Whip on sandwich bread.

Everyone's a critic.


  1. LOL...
    Pecan is my favorite pie, and I don't like crust either. I've made it successfully in a Corning ware container.
    Amy would pick the nuts from the top of the pie and leave the gooey.

    1. Oh, the gooey's the bestest part!

      Did you have to adjust the baking time to do it without the crust?

  2. I'm sorry, but it seems to me if you invite people to your blog to read about "puh-CAHN" pie, the least YOU can do is offer us a slice with coffee!

    1. Next time we have a get-together with food, I'm bringing pecan pie. Though you may have to remind me.

  3. YUM! I keep finding recipes that change up the Pecan Pie recipe . . . and I personally don't know how you can change perfection! If you find a crustless recipe--send it my way. I can't make pie crust even if my life depended on it!

    1. Oh, BTW, I found Herbes de Provence at the Reasor's near my house. There's lavender flowers in the mixture. I'm going to make the recipe for Christmas at the in-laws . . . and maybe a key lime pie or figure out how to make a Nude Pecan Pie. :-)

    2. I've done a decent job on crusts, but when you don't like them, it seems a waste of time.

      Thanks for the heads up on the Herbes de Provence. I'll have to get some.

      Nude Pecan Pie. LOL