I'm not an expert photographer, but I'm going to share some of my favorite pictures here. I'll be adding more from time to time, and I'd love to add some photos of you guys, with or without books, being silly or normal. Just send them to me at

Our nearest neighbors have miniature donkeys -- six of them. I took about a zillion pictures trying to get Buffalo Girl to look up at me long enough to get a decent shot, but this was all she was willing to do. I have no clue what her name actually is, but that fluff of fur above her eyes really does make her look like a buffalo, so that's the name Cam and I have given her, and we're sticking with it.

Our plum tree that we never get a single blasted plum off. It's always covered with fruit, but the birds, the squirrels, the possums and all the critters always get to them first. Still, it's a pretty tree, so we keep it around anyway.

When we were kids, Mom had a giant patch of prickly pear growing in the corner of the yard. Without fail, at least once a year, one of us fell into it while playing. In the beginning, she was more concerned about getting the thorns out of us. After learning the depth of our inability to learn from our mistakes, she got more worried about whether the cactus would survive.

We've got pink and purple crape myrtles everywhere, which give off little suckers like mad, but this is our only white one, and I can't recall finding a single volunteer from it in the seventeen years we've lived here.

What gets me through the 110+ degree summer days. I love seeing our pines and crapes covered in heavy wet snow and ice . . . though it's usually my job to go out and shake the snow off the crapes so they don't collapse.

A year ago we came home from errands and found this steam roller parked in our yard. Not pulled onto the edge of the yard, but twenty or thirty feet in, between some of our fruit trees. Being a more-power type girl, I wouldn't have minded if they'd left the keys and some instructions. Our moles and gophers would've been history. A week later, the county showed up to take it home again.

Ugly little visitor in our driveway. Though I hate snakes, the only ones we kill around here are copperheads and water moccasins. At least the moccasins stay by the pond where they belong.

My llama buddy at Casa del Sol B&B. He was a sweetie and kissed for cookies.

My second time snorkeling. Taken by BF Meg. Bob was there to keep me from drifting away.

Obviously I didn't take this one, but it's one of my all-time favorites. Our son Brandon at his wedding to our beautiful daughter-in-law, Bobbi.

Doesn't he look pensive? This was when we first brought Lucky home. Now that I know him better, I know he's thinking, "Outdoors, grass, dirt, heat. Yuck. Can we go in now?"

Our son sent us to San Antonio to see the TransSiberian Orchestra as his Christmas gift when he was in Afghanistan, and while there we visited the Alamo.

I've never taken a train trip beyond a short one from Boston to Salem, but I love train tracks. They seem to be pointing straight to all kinds of possibilities. This one runs beside the Chouteau Elevator Company here in OK.


  1. Beautiful, wonderful pictures that gave us a glimpse of your life and family. I love the witty captions too! Your dog is so adorable, he looks so kind. I wonder, if he even barks;)
    Hopefully you will add more very soon! Thanks a lot!

    1. Thanks, Rosemary! Lucky looks so sweet, but he not only barks, he growls and will howl when he's in the mood. And the mood usually strikes around 5 a.m. All five of our dogs would prefer to get up much earlier than us. After all, they get to sleep all day.

      I'll be adding more soon. I'm scanning lots of pictures -- mine and my mom's -- and organizing all my digital photos, so I'll be adding more soon.

    2. Ha-ha, hard to imagine that innocent face ever growling at 5 a.m.!!:) I do remember the Maltese-Irish-Terrier my Ex had- she loved to be taken for a walk at 2 am / 4 am whenever she had her period!:D
      I´ll be on stand-by for your next pictures!

    3. 2 a.m.??? Oh, wow. I knew a woman who had a little dog -- can't remember the breed -- but she always had to go out in the middle of the night -- taken on a leash, of course -- and in winter, she wouldn't do business until her mom had scraped the ground clean of snow. LOL.

      All of our puppers have perfected their innocent expressions. You should have seen them the time four of them jumped on the couch at the same time with enough force to knock it onto its back and break the wood frame. They scattered to separate corners and did everything but whistle innocently and clean their nails while they pretended not to notice the upended sofa.

  2. Whoa!!! They´re smart!:) In that case, i guess you could not even afford to get angry with them!
    I think small dogs axt like small divas as well. The one we had liked to admire herself in front of the mirror after a visit to the dog salon. And she loved wathing TV. Whenever she gets home and the TV is off, she´d beg us to turn iot on. But nothing that features animals please, there won´t be peace. Watching "Marley & Me" was a real struggle for us.

    1. We had a dog once who absolutely LOVED watching the TV show, Cops, when they had canines on there. He'd stop what he was doing, sit in front of the TV and "talk" to the canines. It was funny!

  3. That´s really amusing!:o) Sometimes i really wonder if it´s true that dogs don´t see in multicolors as humans do...

    1. I wonder about that, too. Wonder how I could test it with our puppers? It would have to involve food, of course!

    2. Ha-ha:)) But most dog cookies are brown, don´t you think so? Do you send them to a training school too? Maybe the trainer has some ideas how?

    3. Actually, the cookies we buy are pink, green and tan, so I could devise a test to see if they have a preference.

      Trainer . . . ah, I wish. I'd have to have my husband trained first. I'm the one who makes the rules and he's the one who breaks them. I tell them "no" and he says, "aw, come on, it's okay."

      So they are spectacularly untrained for the most part. :)

  4. ^_^ You are really funny, Marilyn!! And am sure your pets adore your husband greatly :D
    Wow, green & pink cookies! Who knows, the test might work, they seem quite smart to me! Oh, that woud be exciting:)

    1. Thanks. ;-) They do adore him. They know he's the one who will scratch them endlessly, share his dinner, snuggle, etc. And he's usually the one who feeds them, too.

      They are smart. We've had two who could open doors and one who loved tennis ball and hid them so no one else could play with them. Sometime I'll have to blog about our first one, Duc, and an ice cream carton. :)

    2. Lucky puppers, so pampered and loved by you both!
      But this one who would hide the ball, would he bring it back again to the others?;)
      Oh yeah, i would love to read about Duc too! ;)
      Thanks for sharing these stories with us.