Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two Hours, Four Phone Calls, A Dozen Emails, Two Dozen Curses . . . or Setting up a PayPal Account

Yesterday I tried to set up a PayPal account. I had one oh, so many years ago, but lost my password and changed my e-mail address. I couldn't get in to change the address, and when I tried to reset my password, they kept sending the new one to the old address which I no longer had. After a while of tearing out my hair, I gave up.

But, yes, the time has come when PayPal seems desirable again. So I created the account and everything went great until I tried to add my bank account. Nope, that account was associated with the old account.  At least this time I could get a new code by phone that allowed me to access that account. I went in to delete it, but they had to have a current email address first. I tried to use my primary address (couldn't -- it was tied to the new account). I was able to add my husband's address to it, get it verified and then close the account.

Next I went back to the new account and tried to add the bank again. Couldn't do it. That bank was associated with another account. So back I went to the beginning, searching for an account for which I didn't know the email or password. Another couple phone calls, adding a new address, verifying it, closing that account . . .

Finally I got the bank added to the new account.

And I wrote down the email address and the password.

In three places.


  1. So you got 'er done! Good job. By this point, I would be eating an entire Sarah Lee cake by myself with a fork in both hands.

    1. Oh, the coconut layer cake . . . yumm. Too bad I don't eat gluten anymore. I could so enjoy one of those.

  2. A Sarah Lee Cheesecake!
    Wow...makes me tired reading. Glad you got that done, too!

    1. Me, too. And I will never, ever lose this password or give up the email address I'm currently using. Never. (Hear that, Yahoo? Don't you dare go out of business.)