Series Books


Michael's Gift
Regarding Remy
A Man Like Smith
Convincing Jamey
The Taming of Reid Donovan
Knight Errant


Cattleman's Promise
The Horseman's Bride
Rogue's Reform
The Sheriff's Surrender
Lawman's Redemption
The Bluest Eyes in Texas


Season for Miracles
Some Enchanted Season
Father to Be
Gabriel's Angel
First Kiss
Getting Lucky
Heaven on Earth
Cabin Fever
Small Wonders

SELENA McCAFFREY written as Rachel Butler

The Assassin
Deep Cover



One Stormy Night
Forbidden Stranger
Intimate Enemy
Scandal in Copper Lake
Passion to Die For
Criminal Deception
Protector's Temptation
Open Season
Copper Lake Secrets
In the Enemy's Arms
Holiday Protector
Copper Lake Confidential


A Hero To Come Home To


  1. Is there a sequel to Somebody's Baby with the 2 attys?

    1. There is, Pat, called SOMEBODY'S LADY. The final book came out a few years ago; it's SOMEBODY'S HERO and features Tyler, a witness in the case Zachary and Liz handle in SL.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. hi Marilyn! i'm now reading the HEARTBREAK CANYON serie and i'm wondering will isabella get her own story?

    1. I honestly don't know. I really liked Isabella and thought she had some interesting tales to tell. Right now, though, I'm in kind of a time crunch with the Copper Lake series for Harlequin and the Tallgrass/Tuesday Night Margarita Club series for Forever Romance. Wish I had an extra twenty hours every week where I could write whatever catches my interest. Who needs sleep?

  3. Hi, Marilyn! I was looking at your comments and I am so confused! I have Somebody's Baby and Somebody's Lady (with Zach and Beth), but who is Liz? Also I keep track of authors books and series by going to and someone listed The Overnight Alibi as being part of the Southern Knights series. Is it? Thanks for so many hours of wonderful reading. I have Heartbreak Canyon series, too. All 3 sets are on my bookshelves and I can reread them anytime!

    1. Aack, Cathy, my mistake! The heroine in Somebody's Lady is Beth. I can always remember Elizabeth, but then I forget whether she goes by Liz or Beth.

      Nope, The Overnight Alibi is a stand-alone book. It was the first book I ever set in Oklahoma. There are only six in the Southern Knights series, although Murphy's Law is also set in New Orleans and either Remy or Smith makes an appearance. (My head is so full of characters that after a while, I need a cheat sheet to keep them straight!)

      I love hearing that you reread the books. That's the greatest compliment a writer can get!

  4. Hi Marilyn I have been poking for season of wishes but haven't been able to find it & does it go with the Bethlehem series

  5. I been looking not poking silly spell check

  6. Hi Marilyn, I have asked on other sites, but it can't hurt to see if you have any plans to add more to the Bethlehem Series? It continues to be one of my favorites, I re-read the books in order annually. It would be nice to see it expanded to include more books, perhaps with some culturally diverse characters? The series is so well written, it would be great to be able to add some love interest from different cultures.