Friday, November 30, 2012

Pardon my Rant

I understand the separation of church and state, okay? I get that not everyone embraces the same religion or, in fact, any religion. In my experience, most people who do support religion know where to draw the line with regards to government.

What I'm complaining about today has nothing to do with religion, even though it might look that way on the surface.

An Oklahoma family wanted to donate a stone monument for the Oklahoma State capitol grounds with the Ten Commandments engraved thereon. The legislature voted in favor of accepting it; the governor agreed; the monument was erected.

And a group from Wisconsin is now threatening a lawsuit to get it removed.

The town of Buhler, Kansas, had a cross, among other things representative of their town, on their seal. The same Wisconsin group threatened a lawsuit. The town of less than 1300 residents changed the seal because they couldn't afford to get embroiled in court.

Should the monument have been erected? Should the cross ever have been included in the seal? Not the point.

The point is this: what business is it of the Wisconsin group what we here in Oklahoma and Kansas choose to do? What standing do they have to sue us (or threaten us) on any issue that takes place within our states? They don't live here. They don't work here. They don't pay taxes here.

Oklahomans are perfectly capable of running their own business. We have plenty of residents who can complain and threaten lawsuits just fine, no help needed from outside state lines. If you don't like the way we do things here, go home.

Oh, wait, you aren't here to start with. It's none of your business. Shut up and worry about what's happening in your own town/state, and leave us alone.


  1. Argh! What's with people these days. On the one hand they teach tolerance and on the other they what to control others.

    1. Christy, it's so true. I've had several painful occasions in the past few years to learn that many people define tolerancce as "I believe what I believe, and you believe what I believe or I'll make your life miserable."

      So sad.

  2. And the fact that " seperatipn of church and state" is actually in a letter Written and not the law. It is the most

    1. Sorry your reply got cut off.

      It really boggles the mind how people use any reason to nose around in other people's business.