Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Love Criminal Minds, But . . .

Is it odd that Criminal Minds has my absolute favorite cast of all shows on TV but I'm about to give up watching it?

I've been a fan from the beginning. I've seen every episode multiple times (except for the two-parter where the guy had a split personality and let his dogs rip a woman to shreds - I refused to watch it a second time). I think David Rossi is the sexiest guy on TV, I adore Spencer and JJ, and I bow at the temple of Garcia. (I even wrote a secondary character who was a thinly-veiled take on Garcia.) I like Prentiss and Hotch and don't even want to smack Morgan more than once an episode.

But  enough is enough, or I guess I should say too much.

Too much violence. Too much gore. Too much graphic ickiness. When a show makes me queasy, when the storylines routinely make my stomach hurt, it's time to change the channel.

It seems people are bored with regular bad guys, so TV shows/movies/authors have had to kick it up a notch. The villains can't just be murderers, rapists or terrorists anymore; they have to remove body parts, skin their victims, torture them brutally. The ick/discomfort factor has gone through the roof.

And so, Criminal Minds, much as it pains me to say it, you're off my must-see list. I'll continue the practice I started at the beginning of the season: I'll watch the first few minutes, but at the first sign of gratuitous, graphic violence, the first torture or dismembered body, I'm switching to PBS.


  1. Hmmm, must be something wrong with me. You can't get too gory for me when you're talking about serial killers. That's how I get my scare on.

    1. You've definitely got a tougher stomach than me, Jackie! When the torture or dismemberment starts, I get queasy. I like psychological thrillers. For me, it's enough to know that there's a psycho whack job out there murdering women. I don't need to see the blood-and-guts and violence to be scared.

      I'm just a wiener!

  2. The show seemed to mimic Dexter too much. At that time of night, I just am not ready over-gore. I'll watch one of my stupid reality TV shows that put me to sleep.

    1. I think that's why Family Guy and South Park are on at the same time as Criminal Minds here! We need an alternative!