Monday, November 26, 2012

Life in Harmony

I used to have a sort of balance to my life. I wrote as much as I could six months of the year and did as much as outdoors work the remaining six. Then one summer I got laid up by a brown recluse spider, then broke my elbow. The next I broke my wrist and had surgery. The next I had two knee surgeries. The next I had a scope on one knee and a total replacement on the other. The next I had a tummy tuck.

You get the idea: I traded mowers, trimmers, matches, shovels, and chainsaws for doctors, anesthesia, and rehab.

This summer I got virtually no yard work done--too busy with the five books I contracted to write in one year. The fourth book went off through the ether to my agent and editor on Sunday, so Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I gathered gloves, goggles, matches, and tools and hacked my way into the jungle.

Oh. My. Gosh. I don't have anywhere near the stamina I used to have. Granted, I'm a few years older, but I've gained a few bionic parts. Shouldn't that balance out somehow?

After too many hours, all I can say is there's a 50X200' foot swath of front yard that's trimmed as neatly as any golf course and one of the brush piles has been burned to ash. The little side yard looks great, too, but Bob gets credit for that. Now there's only the remaining three acres or so of dead foot-high weeds, another acre of dead six-foot-high Johnson grass, and three brush piles, plus a half dozen trees to cut down.

By the time I work out there a while longer, I'm gonna be so happy to return to my desk and Book 5!


  1. I'd rather do yard work during the heat of the day in July than have surgery, too. But if I have to have surgery, I want one of your books to read as I recoop. And then, because of drugs, etc. when I read it again, I'll get to enjoy it twice!
    Can't wait for the Margarita Club books. Can. Not. Wait.

    1. Thank you!!

      It was rehab on my bionic knee that led me to the Kindle (and somehow appropriate that my physical therapy clinic had wifi, where I downloaded my first hundred books or so).

      I can't wait, either! I've got the cover art and love it. Once it's finished, I'll be posting it here.