Monday, July 16, 2012

Picking Names

Years ago I read a magazine article that commented on the dozens of books Nora Roberts had written at the time and the fact that she didn't reuse the primary character names. For whatever reason, it stuck in my head: reusing a name for different heroes/heroines = bad.

Now that I've written somewhere around 80 books, I keep wondering why that comment made such an impact on me. In my family, we have two Rhondas, four Mikes plus a few other duplicates that escape me. In my small writer/best buds group, we've got two Jackies, and I know bunches of Susans, Margarets, Lindas, Lynns, etc.

So why can't I have two Beaus or Sarahs or Lizzies? Guess I can . . . if I can forget that remark.

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