Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don't-Really-Care-If-I-See TV

This fall season's shows have been a disappointment.

* I don't care that Steve's mother is still alive on Hawaii 5-0.

* Since NCIS hinted that one of its regulars would die, I really wanted one of them to die. Preferably Tony. Or Abby. Or, hell, at this point, even Gibbs. I hate when a show suggests they're going to kill off a character, then doesn't do it, or it's someone so minor you can't remember who they are.

* What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. I love Dennis Quaid -- he's earned passes for a bunch of bad roles by playing such a good Remy McSwain in The Big Easy -- but this show was amazingly boring.

* Criminal Minds. The new regular reminds me of a female Gideon from the first couple seasons -- not in a good way. The case wasn't interesting, and the interactions between the regulars mostly seemed off. After fifteen minutes, I was officially watching it only for Spencer and Rossi. I do love Spencer and Rossi.

* Watching Last Resort again would be my retired-Navy-hubby's, um, pardon the pun, last resort. I didn't see the first episode. He did. He (and the TV we share) won't be tuned in again.

* Blue Bloods. I didn't get to see all of the premiere and didn't care. I like the Reagan boys, can't stand the Reagan girls (except for Danny's wife), but imo, the strength of the show depends on the writers. Some episodes they really nail. Others . . . well, like I said, I like the Reagan boys.

But not all is a letdown. Sunday night was the first new episode of Once Upon a Time, and they nailed it. They started off with a great recap of the entire first season -- not just an "on the last episode ..." but a full hour hitting the highlights, both past and present, for all the major characters. I've never missed an episode (not even the second time around), but it was still nice to have my memory jogged. I still envy Snow White the potion she got from Rumplestiltskin that made her forget Prince Charming's existence, but hey, that's one out of a dozen and a half great characters. Everyone else is fun and interesting, and even Charming is showing a bit of potential. (Though I think it's telling that if you drop one letter of his name, you wind up with toilet paper. Hmm.)

Anything you've seen and liked or hated or don't ever need to see again?


  1. Wish I could say I watch tv shows, but, honestly, I don't. Unless football is on, there isn't anything prime time I watch. Oh, I would like too...but the hubster is in control of the remote. bleh on him!

    I think Revolution sounds interesting, but as of yet, I haven't got to see it.

    During the day, I'm usually watching HGTV. Seriously addicted to that station.

    1. Eh, don't wish for it, Ash. There's just not that much good stuff. I haven't even heard of Revolution -- I'll have to check it out if it's available on our limited selections.

      I LOVED HGTV when we had satellite. Glad we don't anymore, because I could watch it for hours, and then I'd never get anything done!

  2. IMNSHO: Revolution had a great premise but I'm afraid it will go the way of LOST.
    I'm addicted to DVR so I can zip out the commercials.
    ONCE is still good and I'm zoning in on the paranormal shows, like Paranormal Witness and My Ghost Story.

    1. One of these days I'm venturing out of the Dark Ages and buying a DVR! Mind you, I'm still watching an analog TV with a little converter box. :)

      Haven't heard of PW or MGS, either. I'm so behind the times!

  3. Pretty disappointed for the most part. What's up with Quaid's voice? Is that Veganese? I' m sticking with The Good Wife, NCIS, and Hawaii 5-0. Quality on the first, Gibbs (hubba) on the second, and pure inked beefcake on the third. Guess I' ll be doing a lot of reading.

    1. LOL about Quaid. I didn't stick with the show long enough to notice it. Gibbs has certainly aged well, hasn't he? And there's definitely a lot to look at on Hawaii 5-0. My biggest problem with that one is the background noise overwhelms the dialogue for me, and I don't want to be reading captions when I could be looking at Steve and Dano. Especially Dano. My, my.