Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Shall I Talk About?

Subtitled: What would you like to read?

Until this week, I've made a point of writing here about writing. I love talking about writing. But sometimes I get tired of it, and since a lot of my readers are among the ever-shrinking group of people who aren't actively writing a book, thinking about writing a book, are waiting to get bored so they can write a book (and make a million dollars), I thought maybe I could limit the writing talk to specific stuff. The rest of the time I could blog about my other passions: reading, my grandson, my family, dogs, food, power tools, etc.

What do you think? If I keep writing about writing, are you going to go away and never come back? If I stop writing about writing, are you going to do the same? Or am I just so darn entertaining that you don't care what I'm writing about?

(Pardon me while I snort.)

Anyway, dolls, it's up to you. Comment here, let me know on Facebook or let me know by the numbers when I check in after a week or two and you've kept visiting or have slowly trickled away.
One of the crape myrtles next to my driveway this week. I love this time of year! At least, during the odd moments when I'm able to breathe.


  1. What I want to know is why the heck you're up so early? Or, had you not gone to bed yet?

    1. Aw, the magic of scheduling blogs ahead of time. I used to stay up late -- occasionally still do -- but most nights I'm in bed before midnight. It's this age thing, you know? :)

  2. Ah, now you know the blogger's dilemma--what to write about, how to keep it fresh, and how to put your stamp on your blog.

    Having a core topic two days a week {(discussing weight loss issues on Wednesday, and food recipes on Friday) Actually, that's pretty darn funny when you think about it!} have helped keep me focused on my blog.

    Sometimes I wonder how you do it. What your typical day might look like. Here's what I think:

    --8 AM flex fingers, stare at monitor
    --8:15 get up and let the dogs out, might as well get a cup of coffee
    --8:23 let dogs back in, the mutts rolled in something dead. Call Bob to give them baths.
    --8:30 Bob can't manage all of them alone, so I get a second bath of the day.
    --10:30 two hours down and zippo writing done. How will I meet my deadline? *yanks on hair, clump comes out* Aaaarrrrggghhh!
    --10:45 CRAP! Remembered lunch date with the wonderful M. A. Golla at 11:30. Never bothered to tell her where to meet. Another 3+ hours listening to her blather on and on about her boring life!
    --3:00 M. A. Golla had to pick her kidlet up from school--Thank God. So tired of stroking her ego! Bless Bob for continually spiking my water! I wonder if I can write without slurring my words.
    --5:00 fell asleep on way home. Bob left me in the car. At least, it wasn't 100+ degrees outside then he would have been facing a felony manslaughter charge. Hm, wonder if I could use this as a murder in one of my books . . .
    --6:00--8:00 Dinner, puppers, and way too much time playing Mah Jong Titans instead of writing.
    --9:00 Bob playing on computer, Puppers settling down. *writes like a fiend*
    --12:00 *whew* wrote the entire book in three hours. Yes, I AM that good. *Go me, Go me, Go me*.

    Just a peek into Marilyn's daily life!

    1. Thanks for the laughs, Margaret!! Though there would be another 10-15 "let dogs out/in" in a typical day.

      I needed the humor this morning, since said dogs decided they would start barking about 5:15. They took turns and did it at odd intervals so I couldn't be prepared for it. Then Shadow tricked Bob into thinking he had to go out at 6, but leaped into bed on top of me instead. 80+ pounds. Stretched out on me from head to toe. Great way to start the day.

      Love this "day"!!

  3. Marilyn you are always entertaining! :) I would read your stuff no matter what, probably.

    And lol Golla!! That is funny! I bet her day does go much like that. :D

    1. Thanks, Ash! I do my best.

      Margaret's a hoot, isn't she? And it's close to a real day!

  4. Ditto Ashlynn.

    A good writer is a good writer, whether writing about writing or not. I enjoy reading about the everyday life of a writer as well.

    My first visit here, but I've read many of your books.

    1. Thanks for the input, Christy! I appreciate your visit here (and thanks a ton for reading the books)!

  5. I've always said I could read your grocery list and enjoy it. Still goes. :)

    1. Thank you, Susan! Now if I could find someone to read my grocery list AND pick up everything . . .