Monday, January 7, 2013

Random Blog Generator

Talk to anyone who blogs regularly, and sooner rather than later they're going to admit that they have trouble coming up with ideas to write about, including me. Especially me. If I were a techy sort of person, I was thinking, I'd come up with a random idea generator. You know, you'd spin the computer, it would go round and round, slowly clicking to a stop, and there would be a word or phrase that you would then write about.

Then I realized what the low-tech version would be: a dictionary, magazine, book, whatever -- anything with words in it. You close your eyes, flip to a word, and that's what you write about. Who knows? You could hit on some pretty thought-provoking words.

Or you could hit the. An. Sphincter.

What can you say about the? It would be hard to read or write a book without it. I always mistype it hte. It's one of those invisible words that you skim over when you read it but sure notice when it's missing. Maybe the best thing about it: it makes for a short blog. :)


  1. Aaand without sphincter muscles we would cease to exist. :-)

  2. Sphincter--wow, were you receiving psychic thoughts from me this afternoon?
    I was at a shop today and Sara didn't keep any secrets.

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